Is there anything that can help?

There was a time when I could confidently tell a client the actual court process would take about 6 to 9 months – and by that, I mean the time it takes for the court to process the paperwork. Since the launch of the Divorce Centres, the time estimate has crept up until we reach the situation now of nearly a year to process the divorce papers and an outcry when the automated information email was suspended. The cynical might have thought the suspension of the work progress email was an attempt to gloss over the delays.

So, what’s the concern? Well, it is only when the decree nisi is made the the court has the power to make certain financial orders – and it is the financial aspect that usually causes the most anxiety. This is especially the case for the vast majority of people who are ‘doing okay’ as a couple but face really difficult decisions when the previously joint income has to stretch over two families. Equally, for those with high value assets and companies, there may be tax implications in a delay in resolution.

Are there options then to allow a family to move on? Well, for the actual divorce process, no. That has to follow the procedure. For the financial aspects, there are lots of different options to put you both in a position to be able to move forward – some more straightforward than others and with everything, it does depend on your circumstances. That is when you turn to an experienced, specialist family law solicitor who can look around the situation and advise on proactive options. Sound like something you need? Contact me at Dovaston Law